Trustee Training

What Training do I need to do ?


Since April 2023, Executive Committees are known as Trustee Boards. ‘Executive Committee’ and associated wording will still be visible on Compass and the website as we move to our new way of volunteering. To learn more about what we are doing to improve how we volunteer at Scouts, visit the Volunteer Experience webpages.

All members of  the Trustee board in Scouting are required to undertake mandatory training within five months of starting the role. This ensures, as much as possible, that you understand your role, responsibilities and duties as a trustee.

All the training is accessed online through e-Learning. If you cannot use online learning, please contact us and we can support you with alternative access. After each piece of e-Learning, you will be able to print out a certificate, which shows that you have covered the content shown and that you understand it. This certificate should then be sent to us or your Training Adviser who will record completion on your training page in Compass.

Trustee training

More information about starting your role as a Trustee can be found here!

Who is there to support you?

Training Adviser (TA) – Most TA’s will have other roles in Scouting so are very likely to “speak your language” and understand your issues and questions. If you have not been allocated a TA, please contact your line manager or the County Training Manager for assistance.

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