Devon International Fund

The Background

International Scouting opportunities are an essential part of a quality programme for all sections contributing towards the achievement of Top Awards, and in the case of the Explorer Belt is a Top Award in its own right.  Whilst international Scouting can be included within the programme without leaving the UK, for Explorers and Network (as a minimum) this should include the provision of opportunities to travel overseas.  The Devon International Strategy focuses on objectives to provide amazing international opportunities for Devon Scouts of all sections.  However, by their very nature, international Scouting trips are more expensive than Scouting in the UK, and this presents a barrier to many young people, and the adults required to facilitate such opportunities.  To ensure inclusivity, funding support can help make such opportunities accessible.

The Devon International Team has been established to provide such international opportunities for Devon Scouts (all sections) whilst also providing information and resources to support and enable individuals in their fundraising efforts.  The overall approach should therefore be to encourage and support individuals to fundraise by other means rather than simply requesting financial support from the Devon International Fund.

What & who is it for?

  • County led / organised overseas trips only i.e. not Group / District trips.
  • Young people – participants
  • Adults – participants and leaders / supervisors
  • Adult and young people applications to be treated the same
  • Only those who actively “Scout” in Devon would be eligible to apply
  • Applications are to be by individuals rather than groups of people
  • Other important information to about your application.

  • Any plans for other fundraising and how you will provide a lasting legacy or returning something to Devon Scouts, should form an important part of your application.
  • The Devon International Fund is NOT intended for the funding of selection events e.g. WSJ selection.
  • Explorer Belts involve the participants more in the planning process, which includes the budgeting and therefore your budget should form part of your application.
  • Who can I ask for help or advice?

    The Devon International Team has been established to provide such international opportunities for all sections of Devon Scouts as well as to provide information and resources supporting individuals with fundraising efforts. If you need further help or to contact us click here!

    Applications will be open throughout the year, with the Application Review Panel meeting on a quarterly basis. Application deadlines are:

    • 31st March
    • 30th June


    • 30th September
    • 31st December

    To apply for the Devon International fund, click one of the links above.

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